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Low FODMAP drink choices

11 August 2022|2 min read

It can be confusing knowing which drink choices are ok to have when following a low FODMAP diet.  Whilst water should be our main drink of choice, many of us choose to include other beverages to mix things up.  Some of which are recreational, such as alcohol.  Others which are often essential, such as morning coffee!

Healthier low FODMAP drink choices

Below is a list of healthier low FODMAP drinks which can be enjoyed daily:

  • Water: plain, sparkling or soda water are all great choices. Note that carbonated beverages can trigger symptoms for some people, particularly in larger quantities.  Try adding a wedge of lemon/lime/orange, passionfruit or frozen berries for a fun twist!
  • Tea: safe varieties of tea include black, green, peppermint, rooibos, kombucha (<180ml) and weak chai. Note that tea/coffee should be limited to 1-3 cups per day due to caffeine being a symptom trigger.
  • Coffee: plain black coffee or coffee made with low FODMAP milk are both safe on a low FODMAP diet, but again, should be limited to 1-3 cups per day.
  • Smoothie: making your own low FODMAP smoothie is a great breakfast or snack option.  
  • Milk: low FODMAP varieties of milk include lactose-free, soy (made from soy protein, NOT soy beans), rice, cashew, macadamia, and almond. Note that lactose-free and soy are the best low FODMAP alternatives due to their high protein content.  Ensure whatever variety of milk you choose is fortified with calcium.

Less healthy low FODMAP drink choices

It is important to note that just because something is low FODMAP, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is healthy.  Below is a list of less healthy low FODMAP drinks that we suggest limiting to including on occasion, if you choose to drink them:

  • Soft drink: most soft drinks are low FODMAP, except those which have high FODMAP fruit juice in them e.g. apple juice. Note that excess sugar and carbonation can trigger IBS symptoms.
  • Cordial: cordial made from low FODMAP fruit is ok to include e.g. lemon, orange.
  • Cranberry juice: if you choose to consume cranberry juice on occasion, limit to 1 glass (250ml).
  • Alcohol: low FODMAP alcohol varieties include wine (except fortified/dessert wine), beer, and spirits (except rum and liqueurs).

    Note that alcohol is a gut irritant, so even low FODMAP varieties may trigger IBS symptoms.

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